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I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY QSS2901 THERE IS A HIGH CONTRAST THAT CAN BE SEEN EVERYWHERE IN THE PRINTER (screen;test prints;18 step prints;profile print; scanner and digital prints.)

taken mesures:  i have tested the whole image board on another printer the result is ok;

                        i have reinstall the whole computer and reload the software ver HOO2 and profile data 7.01 and restored the backup data from when things where good recalibrated paper  type 1 uniformty went ok but the result is not ok;

                        i changed the calibrator unit and the plate the mlva lamp too has been changed still the result is not ok

                        i printed a picture and processed it in a good printing printer but the result is still not ok

so one question? where can the problem be?

thanks for any answer



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What paper type are you using? Have you run a paper control strip to check the chemistry is good?

Post a scanned sample of the daily set up print including a screen shot of the readings for each step.

To make the screen shot press Alt and print screen keys together, then open MS Paint and click paste.

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Hi Dear,

    I think your profile vertion does not mach to main system.If you use H002 profile vertion need 5.56.If you want to use profile vertion 7.01 it will mach with System vertion K001.

Note:-Bleach Fixer(P-2) also related on this problem.You can try to change your Bleach Fix camical.Thanks

Any more information please write to me-(amin_9100@hotmail.com)

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