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Requesting discussion regarding MP-1600 Non std.


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Good evening all.

First, I would like to thank you all for allowing me to become a member of this forum. I've been looking through this website for quite some time and gained quite a lot of information from here.

I have, ALMOST, become quite proficient at installing an MP-1600 / Scanmaker 9600XL to Non-Standard IBM Compatible Hardware, and having it all work perfectly... ALMOST.

I am able to install the Kodak software on a windows 2000 non standard system, all the way through to update 125 (Update 126 breaks the software), create custom templates, and print to the MP-1600 without any problems whatsoever, and I have procedures and information related to said installation that I'd love to share with this group - it however is not quite finished.

I've hit a roadblock - the MP-1600 (Noritsu 2711) cannot communicate to the scanner as part of daily maintenance (It's uniformity checks). The scanner on the computer is a ScanMaker 9600XL, attached to an Adaptec AHA-2940AU SCSI card. The Windows operating system detects the card and the scanner just fine - and the scanning software detects the scanner, and is able to scan images without a hitch.

As far as the Computer is concerned (which effectively plays the role of the WIP, DIM, etc) it is installed fine.

The computer can use the noritsu terminal without problem. The only issue is the printer cannot access the flatbed scanner.

This is the information that I have that I believe is relevant to the issue.

A) The Computers IP address for the network adapter connected to the MP-1600 (2711) is The printer is

B) The computer has the following drive letters - C: T: U: V: X: Y:

C) The application that I have a suspicion is the problem is DMLSCA~1.exe (or DMLSCANSERVER.EXE for those of us not bound by DOS 8.3 restrictions)

D) The log files seem to suggest there is a problem with an S: Drive - files missing, unable to load DLL's, etc - The S: Drive does not exist of course, and Im wondering if it should...

SO - everything except the ability for the printer to connect to a Flatbed scanner.


A) if anyone has one of these systems on official hardware, could they PLEASE tell me if they have an S: Drive. IF YOU DO - what is on it?

B) If there's no S: Drive, can you please tell me what drives I am MISSING? (Note: I understand I've intentionally left out the obvious drives - IE: CDROM and FLOPPY)

C) My DLS computer LAN interface for the printer is set to - It's possible that DMLSCA~1.exe requires the computer to have a specific IP address that the printer has been set to. If this is the wrong IP address, could someone please inform me of the correct Address?

D) Is there something completely obvious I seem to have missed here?

This is the final hurdle before I can collate all my information on how to install these MP-1600 machines on non-standard hardware and have them work out of the box. And I am more than happy to share this information with forum members, if it's appropriate here.

Apologies for the long post - I wished for my first post to be detailed as possible out of respect for the professionals on this board.


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