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Virtual Paper Width

Foto Brouwer

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I want to print fullsize (A4) 210mm x 297mm on our Noritsu QSS 3211,

We have the option to print fitt in.

The A4, will be printed on a 305mm size paper, but i can't select 297 as virtual paperwidth.

Is it possible that this size can be added in the virtual paper width list?

Thanks in advance!

Marcel Wey

Foto Brouwer (the Netherlands)

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Virtual Paper Width will not resolve your issue here as this can only be used to substitute a magazine  in standard paper width sizes. You should be able to select the 305 (12") channel and set the advance to 297mm without any problems (?). I suggest you try to reformat your A4 template @ 300dpi in actual pixels for the 297 advance on the 305 mag. = 3600 x 2475 (8.25 x 300) = 210mm

Here, we only use the 10" and 12" channels for all our work. Our Noritsu's trudge along all day by setting the paper advance to max at 454mm and uploading images in real size pixel files  which will determine the actual paper advance length. This way we can output various  schools print packages in sizes from 7" to 14" without the necessity for the operator to flip between print channels for a given magazine  width specification.

Download the Adavced Operators Manual from my SKYDRIVE  link below. Chapter 2-13 outlines the settings  for  'Real Size' and other print options relating to how the output image is rendered for postion and  orientation.


Navigate to the QSS-31xx folder

Hope this helps.........

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