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3001 white edge shows!?


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If you have just swapped out the Laser and removed the Advance Unit then there's a fair chance that it all hasn't gone back in exaclty the same place, even though there are locating pins and dowels to position both units.  If you have a 2mm white band it may be more mechanical, can you scan a sample and post please.

Need to check and perform adjustments described in this Service Manual extract.

'To be sure......to be sure' Important, you would still need to have  look at these to confirm your setup irrespective, whether you  have a white band not.

Let us know how you go.

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i have downlaod all the info about resetting the laser after install, but i got stuck at the beining. it need "menu:2260""extension->" i just can't input the password,  F key, menu, install floppydisk, 2260 "wrong disk"....if i don't put in the disk, the 3001 will ask me......

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I also I have the same problem, with 3 mm white band, but sometimes changes from 2 to 4 mm


This is paper skewing. Normally it is caused by dirty gripper pins in the arm unit that is above the paper magazine A.

To check it put a print into the arm and turn the allen key on the motor in a clockwise direction until the gripper pins come up, the print should be held tightly. Only turn the screw in a clockwise direction otherwise it will undo!

Also make sure the arm moves smoothly from left to right. Clean the track and the slider shaft.

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Here is a diagram of the arm unit.

The screw marked blue is the one you turn clockwise to make the gripper pins move up and down.

The gripper pins are marked in green.

If you need access to clean the bottom of the gripper pins, remove the screws marked in red. There are a total of 8 screws to remove.

After you have cleaned the unit, you may need to adjust the zigzagging of the arm unit.

Go to Menu, Extension, Maintenance, Various Adjustment, Printer Mechanical Adjustment, Arm Unit Zigzagging correction.

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