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2901 issues with blown highlights


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Anybody out there have a solution to blown highlights on the 2901?  When viewing an image on the screen, you don't see any blown out areas (especially in skin tones on kids / faces / etc) but when you print, it is blown out.  If I print the same image on our Canon iPF inkjet, we don't get blow outs.  We also have issues with yellowing in high contrast areas of images.  Sometimes you can take out 6 contrast to remove the yellow issue but then you have a flat image.  In most cases, you can register the magazine to fix the issue.  The problem though is that I end up re-registering magazines almost daily.  Any ideas?  

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Just an idea, don't know if this is to problem, but

What profile is the photo ? RGB ? sRGB ?  Adobe-RGB ? ProPhoto RGB ?

Sometimes "professionals" use Lightroom which has it's own profile which the Noritsu doesn't like.  Looks fine on screen, but printed on a Noritsu, looks kinda funny.

Try converting to plain old RGB and print.

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Replace the colorimeter calibration plate if it's very old and worn. Check the pressure spring underneath the colorimeter head is not broken, this pushes the print up towards the colorimeter head.

Make sure the feed rollers for the colorimeter unit are clean and the stop positions have been calibrated.

Other causes are an incompatible software and profile data versions.

Incorrect paper profile number for the type of paper you are using.

Also make sure your chemistry is in good control.

That's about all I can think of for now!

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Kodak Royal Digital is on No.155.

The profile data has to be 7.01 or later and the main system software must be J or K

The software and profile data is supplied by Noritsu Koki

Problems like this can happen if for example you use a new profile data version that is not compatible with the existing software version. For example Profile Data 7.14 and software G001

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