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3001 battery for start up


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Photocorp is correct about this battery but I believe it is the UPS battery that is only really used at close down during power failure. If it has failed and you have a power off you can loose a hard drive or data. That could be the reason why you are slow booting. I would do a good backup, Check the bios battery, (small button Battery on the mother board costing pennies). reset the bios, and a full recovery to sort any software issues.

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It will most likely to be the motherboard battery that is causing your issue rather than the UPS batteries, though I'm sure the UPS batteries will be dead by now and in need of replacement!

The battery on these motherboards are not the standard CR2032 button cell, it uses a CR14250SE which needs to have the leads soldered to the new battery.

The battery is located on the bottom left of the motherboard it is normally cream coloured.

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