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Hi Minilab Help, I`ve installed a 3101 that was moved by land from the north of USA to Miami, refurbished and then moved by sea to Caracas, Venezuela.

Among other things, I changed paper type and magazines used for setup but Initial Setup print was yellow ( image_1 ). No laser error message ocurred.

I swapped AOM DRIVERS without success. Then I swapped LASER DRIVERS B and G, at this point Initial Setup print was white with an imperceptible yellow color ( image_4 ). I returned LASER DRIVERS B and G at its original position but Initial Setup print remained white.

It has G002 software version

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Firstly is your chemistry good? If you fog a piece of paper does it come out black?

The AOM drivers you swapped are these definitely known good working ones?

This machine will not give you any errors if the green or blue AOM's are bad. Check the AOM's on the red, this will normally give you a synchronous sensor error if it is totally is bad.

Thoroughly check you have all the correct plug numbers going to the correct sockets on the driver boards.

Did you make any backups before you started doing the initial setup? If so try loading these back in.

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Dave S, thanks for your support.

1.- Yes, chemistry is good. One week ago I passed a control strip. Today I passed a fogged piece of paper and it came out black.

2.-I swapped the AOM´s drivers that came with machine. I didn´t prove with other AOM´s drivers. In a few days I will receive refurbished AOM´s drivers and I will prove whit them.

3.-I checked, carefully, all connectors and all was ok.

4.-Days ago I loaded back in "Service Initial Data" ( 3 diskettes ) that came with machine without success.

If you have any other idea, it will be warmly welcomed !!!

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I meant the data transfer test!

Because you are getting 2 No goods on the test I suspect this is the reason for the yellow prints rather than a laser related issue.

Check that the memory modules are fitted in the correct slots on the image processing PCB.

Display Memory J390581 should be in J447

Memory Units J360681 should be in J448 & J449

Expansion Memory J390552 should be in J456

Composite Memory J390554 should be in J457

Other possiable causes are a damaged LVDS cable from the print station to the printer.

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Dave, you´re a learned man !!!

I checked the memory modules and:

1.- Memory module, in the slot J457, was not completely fitted.

2.- Memory modules J390554 and J390552 was swapped: Composite memory was in J446 slot and Expansion memory was in J457 slot.

I ran Initial Set Up and all was Ok.


Seem to be program QSS_SEQ is now slow. For example:

1.-When I restart computer, QSS_SEQ Initializing takes 10 minutes ( Win 2K starting up is OK ).

2.-It takes 20 minutes read a diskette data backup.

-Is it possible that QSS program, with swapped Composite and Expansion memory, is faster ?

-An ARCNET problem may result in QSS program slower ?

I ask you about ARCNET because one time, waiting Initializing process, QSS send me two errors:

6901-0080 (ARCNET COMMUNICATION ERROR / image processing PCB) and

6908-0080 (PROCESSING RESPONSE ERROR / image processing PCB)

I checked optical fiber end in the image processing PCB and all was Ok.

Computer configuration:


Pentium 4   2.00 Ghz / 500Kbytes RAM

Win 2000 SP4

I´am very gratefull with you !!!

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Great I'm glad you found the problem.

You will need to clean/trim the ends of all the fibre optic cables. It only needs 1 bad cable to disrupt and slow down the entire fibre optic network (ARCNET)

Go into maintenance system version check, make sure the communication is steady.

You may be better off connecting the fibre optic cables from the image processing PCB, directly into the back of the PC rather than going into the ARCNET hub.

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Dear Dave:

Last Friday, checking the end of fiber optic cables, I found that connector J/P437 in D-ICE PCB was unpluged. J/P437 come from DC POWER SUPPLY 3 ( +5V ).

I fitted J/P437 connector and program QSS ran normally and faster, On Saturday, I ran all setup without problems.

Finally today, Monday 19, 3101 printed all sizes with very good quality !!! I think it is a great machine.

If you send me, by mail, your address I will be glad to send you a present.

One more time, I´am very gratefull with you !!!

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