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Merry Christmas to all

I have problem with film processor QSF-V30.When I switch the machine on today it shows message PROGRAM DOWNLOAD, but there is no error message number. There is no floppy disk in the disk drive. I read the system program but machine give the same error after reloading the software.

Please may someone help

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Hello. These models ( V30, V50, V70 ) have two flash memory integrated circuits. One is located on the main control PCB and another one on display - keyboard PCB . Looks like you have problems with flash, which is located on display - keyboard PCB . If you can't make software upgrade can be hardware problem. Repaired this boards many times and usually it was caused that chemistry destroyed pcb or some elements. Then you have to replace display - keyboard PCB. Can take this board from all V30, V50, V70 machines. Can be standard or ecojet models. If you will use this board from ecojet model in standard film processor you will have to make software upgrade, because software is different.

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