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qss 2612


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Hi every body

I have noritsu 2612 and a few days ago power supply board failed with unknown reason after checking by engineers they found some element on that board was burned so it needs to repair after doing so and installing the board on machine I got some new error message that I had never seen before they were about lens operation error and shutter operation error too .

So I will be so glad to hear your ideas and suggestion too.http://www.minilabhelp.com/BlahImages/Smilies/roll.gif

Roll Eyes

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PLS Dave S , I have this message on my 2612 '' PROCESSING SOLUTION THERMOSTAT ACTIVATED'' we have checked all level sensor and the situation

remains the same.What do you advise we do

It's better if you start a fresh new post with your problem for rather than tagging on to an existing unrelated post.

Is the temperature of the CD or BF or STB sub tanks too high (above 40oC)?

Does the temperature of the main tank match that of the sub tanks? If it does not the circulation pumps are probably blocked.

If the temperatures in the main & sub tanks match, the fault will be with one of the SSR's that control the heaters.

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