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Noritsu qss-3701 and FUJI MS01 software


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Lots of settings on a Noritsu to modify colour output, you can decide to use Noritsu profile or generate your own. Use auto corrections etc.

If its lacking a bit of saturation (the normal complaint) try changing DSA master settings by increasing Chroma to around 105-110 maybe +2- +3 sharpness and 1 on contrast. For me grass is a bit too bright on a Fuji and sometimes things look like its been cut out with scissors and stuck on (too sharp) but its all personal preferences.

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Thank you for your answer, but still we like much more photos from frontier. Also BW photos are too cold. I would like to try initial setup of the paper, but I can't find extensions in the F menu.

How can I get in to service menu and try to recalibrate paper?

Also if somebody can help me find MS software for testing.

Thank you,

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Getting hold of the MS software may be a problem. you will also need another PC to act as print server for any inputs, unlike the Noritsu that can do it all on the EZ controller.

You need to enter printer maintenance using the password 2260. From the screen showing Extension press F1 then F9 and enter the password 2260

then navigate to Set up, you should see initial setup in red. Do a backup before you do anything.

Changing the paper setup to any other and pressing yes will clear out any corrupted LUT. then select to the correct paper used. Run initial setup then Magazine registration for any other paper sizes.

PS make sure your calibration patch is clean, they tend to go yellow been close to the dryer, the latest ones are metal.

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