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MP 1600 Error 9201/ ASC:91, ASCQ:9a


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We've been having these errors for many years on many printers. So far, we've found no cause and Noritsu themselves haven't been able to give any meaningful information about it as far as I'm aware.  Our usual fix is to let the processor clear out, turn the printer off at the breaker, make sure the display has gone completely black (not still powered by the batteries), then turn it back on and continue printing.  We have yet to have any major problems that we were able to trace back to one of these errors.

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Thanks for the response,  however we are not able to print even after a complete restart.  We can do most operations within the 1600 like emulsion number changes and test prints but with the first file sent from the computer we get the error and forces a shutdown.

I believe the imaging processing PCB is working properly as the LED indicate it is waiting in normal operation and the test points 800 and 802 have the correct voltage. (have not checked 803 and 804 yet as they are located under another PCB)  The SCSI board LED lights on start up and seems to be operating.  Still need to run out all the tests.

I was looking to find out what the ASC: 91 and ASCQ: 9a indicates in order to cut the down time and frustration.

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I'm sorry, didn't realize from your first message that you were unable to print at all; but I suppose I should have assumed that or you wouldn't have come here asking for help, would you? :)

Unfortunately, I have no information about the meaning of those codes. Checking with the Noritsu service hotline would be about my only advice for getting information about them, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.  We're still trying to get some answer out of them about what a 9299 Uniformity Error actually means; it seems nobody has ever heard of it, but it's preventing one of ours from completing Daily Setup.

The service manual page on error 9201 (in case you don't have it) just mentions connector J/P 42 on the image processing PCB, connector J/P 861 on the SCSI card, the memory DIMMs on the image processing PCB, failure of the image processing PCB itself, failure of the SCSI board, or failure of the ATX motherboard. Just to point out the obvious, I would think a loose connection with either the brown or white cables at the back of the external PC could also cause this error.  Also might check those cables for any kinks or other damage, especially if they are anywhere where it could be possible for someone to step on them.

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No Problem. I seem to only show up on this forum when I have tried everything I know to do.  We are still down.  

I had upgraded the router on our network Friday before the issues began on Monday and thought that we may be getting data blocked by the router even thought we tested the printer immediately after the change.  It worked fine at that point and we moved on to other equipment.  I have now change the router back to the old one hoping to find a clue as to what has happened but the same errors still come up at the same time.  Still hoping some one has a brilliant idea about what we can check next.  Thanks for your consideration.


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We have checked all that the manual suggests could be a problem and not identified anything unusual.  Noritsu hotline has tried to help. The network has been ruled out as well, so i guess we are down to replacing PCBs until we find a fix.  Does anyone know of a source for good used parts to test with?

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