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QSS 3300 Paper did not load issues


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Had to do a paper change today (like so many before)

Then had a 6012 error message "Paper did not load"

So pulled it out, sorted it out and tried again and still kept coming up.

Tried our other paper magazine and the same thing happened - so had to be

machine related.

Spent hours looking at it and not coming up with anything.

Seems that the paper on one side is bent up as its coming up

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Yes, execuite the paper sensor adjustment in menu, extension, maintenance, various adjustments, printer mechanical adjustment, paper sensor adjustment, Functions, Paper Sensor LED Light Intensity Adjustment.

Also make sure no paper is sticking out of the magazine. If you look in the centre of the felt guide on the exit of the magazine you will see a little square cut out, make sure the paper is just rewound so this cut out is not blocked by the paper.  

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Thanks guys, have done that but still having issues.

We are now faced with calling in the tech guys but at a huge cost as they have to come from hours away.

Any other ideas?

The computer seems to be getting stuck even when there's no paper magazine in there and coming up with the message.

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Take the paper magazines out, Go into input check in maintenance screens

Check the sensors in loading section

They should all be light except for the cutter (1 light 1 dark.)

Check sensors like loading and rewind, they should be light. If dark you need to check things like the chrome plate is fitted correctly, take it out to test. If they are all light put your magazine in and close the door, make sure no paper is showing in the slot as as Dave S said. This should still be light until paper is loaded.

I presume when the machine alarms paper has been fed as you said it had damage on one corner? If not your main paper feed roller may be faulty.

When it loads, the rewind sensor goes dark and it has X seconds to get to the loading sensor or the alarm is given.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I just wanted to update you all and thank you for your help and suggestions

After a week of pulling everything apart we ended up finding out that it was the actual paper not coming up straight out of the magazine - changed the paper roll and it worked perfectly - just happened to be a bad box of paper.

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