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NMC/QSS KIDS For 3202 SD how to...


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hy everybody

i search how validate the NMC in a  QSS 3202 SD  ,this function is not avaible (operator mode or service mode )

is a virtual board ? or is a integrated board?

i would like make a connection with QSS KIDS that's possible without the NMC ? i follow step by step the instalation setup but i'm stopped with this step , i can't find the NMC .in the menu QSS option registration the NMC is disabled and not accessible , why ?

if anybody know if it's possible please tell me !!!

many thanks  frenchman

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Thanks for your prompt reply, i am green in this matter (issue bad setup on my side) Qss PC  initial Ip address OK : followed by Data could not be updated (Pressing PC Qss Information Tab, informationion Printer is all ok)< Note Netorder on PC is not Visable:::::  (2** Printer section>) NET ORDER on QSS PRINTER is OK ..What should be Path Setting ?? /QSS Kids or teminal.. When I aplied Path setting info that of the Qss>Tem>order I got Acess denied( I swithched firewall & Virus on the PC to disabled).

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ON the QSS-Kids PC the following folders need to be fully shared:-





These folders are located in C:\noritsukoki\Qss-kids\Data

To share a folder right mouse click it, choose sharing, share this folder, click permissions allow everyone full control, read & change.

Depending upon which version of Windows you are running the above instructions will be slightly different.

The Kids PC needs to be running Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

From the QSS- printer the above folders need to be accessible, you should be able to add and delete files freely in the shared folders.

For the net folder registration it should be QSS kids, and the folder needs to be QSS (located on your kids PC).

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thanks for your immediate support, sorry for being late but i was away for 7 days, have enabled all still no luck.PC(Win XP) already connected to printer using printerdriver software NET MODE ON QSS is enabled... .reinstalled software on PC (cannot see the folder UPLOAD) when staring kids still getting cannot update error.ON printer (NET PATH) i included all 4 folders,when username/password are not inputted i get no comunication acess denied, when i input username/passpword i get no comunication(eror1219 the credentials supplied coflict etc..i think its a windows error) any suggestions thanks

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here is the solution for your problem:

in the pc of QSS KIDS share this folder :


then go to pc of machine and go to net order:


go to

addition ......then browse the folder ho is sharing in pc of QSS KIDS.there is 3 folders.


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As said already you need to be able to access the shared folders on the QSS Kids PC through Windows (my network places) on the QSS Printer, if you can't access these folders through Windows it will not work from the machine either.

Your issue is a Windows/ networking issue not a QSS issue.

Check to see if you have any firewall software on the Kids PC that is blocking access.

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Thanks once again , firewalls are disabled and folders are shared , when username & password are left BLANK (i get No Comunication Access deneid) , when a username & Password is inputed I get this windows conflict error 1219... THE QSS Kids (on PC ) reads all data e.g paper etc but when trying to update it gives the update error...! any ideas PS thanks once again

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For the Net folder registration you should only have QSS selected and nothing else.

And the terminal needs to be set as QSS-Kids.

If you do not have the bkdata folder located in C:\noritsukoki\Qss-kids\Data on your Kids PC manually add the folder, then ensure it is shared.

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