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New member with QSS-3501


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New member here, we have a QSS-3501. We are a portrait/wedding/event studio.  the Noritsu will be 5 years old in April. For 5 years before that we had a Gretag Netprinter. With parts and service becoming scarce I decide to jump ship and switch to Noritsu. So far it has been reliable. We send our big stuff to WHCC but the 3501 has been a great machine so far. During the winter we usually mothball it for a few weeks for lack of volume. We have tried to take care of it and hope it lasts a long time. Based on the fact that it would be considered a relaitivly low use machine does anyone care to make an educated guess what the average lifespan might be for my Noritsu.

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Machines are a bit like cars, they will last as long as you are prepared to spend money on servicing and replacing any parts as they wear out.

The most expensive part to wear out is the laser.

But there are quite a few companies that can repair the laser unit for much less than a new laser unit would cost.

The laser life is approx 10,000 hours.

Personally I would keep it as long as you can, the new drylabs I consider to be disposable and will not last anywhere near as long as your wetlab will.

The best thing you can do is follow the maintenance manual; it tells you everything that you need to attend to.

If everybody took the time to do this the machines would last much longer and go wrong much less often.

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Good advise.

Most Noritsu's with reasonably new software shut down the laser when not printing for an extended length of time. Even so the clock is ticking so turn it off if its not going to get used. Keeping it churning away just in case you get a one hour is counterproductive. Power it off and lift the lid and I would leave all the doors open. Condensation from the chemistry can come back into the printer. If you are going to turn it off for more than say 2 weeks think about draining and filling with water, don't leave it dry.

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