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QSS 3101 Intial Setup fails?


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We've  recently added another QSS 3101 to our inventory, just completed re-install. Prints OK on current previous owners setup with our Kodak paper types loaded and  colour is very acceptable, but obviously we can't do a Daily Setup or Emulsion Change with the old configuration.  We  now need to change the paper type used for Setup and  add other magazines with different paper types, and this is where we are encountering problems.

For starters, selecting  Brilliance ENDURA (this all we use)  and Magazine-1 does not give us an OK, then when attempting an Initial Setup, the wedge prints emerge with a wierd colour gradation which it cannot seem to correct. It bombs out with either Intial Setup error or was Not Executed.

Either I'm having a very disfunctional day or is there some data I need to Initialise to get me going in the right direction. Been a couple of years since I've had to set a machine up from scratch, and considering this one was looking to be a simple install, I'm a little lost as to what may the nagging issue...................................hope it's not the laser!

There is a defined lack of yellow, reflected in the photodensitomerty values, and more obvious in the Printer Profile Calibration print, yet the output for work prints looks great, with yellow present.

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That looks nice!

I would definitely say there is some kind of data corruption going on.

The first exposure light intensity print normally is a horrible colour but it should graduate down to black.

I would initialize the following data:-


Image processing

Image processing (for each magazine)

Then try the initial setup again.

What software and profile data is the machine running?

I've seen strange problems like this when new profile data has been loaded with old software.

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To Photocorp:

I recently came back from 3101 in field. It was a good chance to refresh knowledge. Because I am 1st of all a Laser man, I would start to measure the intensity of the Blue laser with lasermeter. However, there are few thing to do prior laser unit will be concerned as the source of the problem.

1. Install the same Software version and the same Paper Profiles, as you do have on other QSS 3101 with good colors.

2. Use same paper as master paper and same chemicals.

3. Install brand new AOM Driver into BLUE channel.

4. Now you can proceed with Initial Setup once again

5. Be sure to use the same calibration plate from another 3101 to maintain experiment safely.

I would even make Initial Setup at the same time on both machines to compare every pair of densitometry. The output power of all three laser beams could be drastically different on both laser units, however this is not enough to make a decision to re-evaluate laser unit.




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