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3001 main system software instalation problem


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Dear members,

I have been installing software to 3001 machine and very unfortunately the QSS main system software J002 I am installing is initializing endlessly.

After all installation has been made and restated the machine, this software keeps initializing and does not open.

Have checked the PC RAM of the machine and all two seems to work well.

Have used another CD ROM without success.

Have used software that has been used to another machine but all brings the same result.

Can someone tell me what might be my trouble?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Yes sir I have this CD.

I have used it at first, then upgraded Window 2000 service pack 4 CD, Then I installed this QSS main system software and it installed without any error attention. There after restating the machine the software stay initializing without opening it.

I don't remember well the exact type of the PC but remember to have seen the motherboard is RICOH I think. (Meanwhile I am at home not at work)

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The recovery CD for this machine had the old drivers, you must delete any drivers that have yellow warnings before loading the Noritsu software, it will then load the correct ones when it reboots and wont hang on the grey screen

Thank you sir as I have solved this issue the way you have recommended.

Be blessed.

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