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QSS 3001 Print error


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We have a problem with an error message referring to the 'image processing PCB'

The printer starts but outputs just two prints with 0-4mm of the image then blue and white stripes 7-10mm across the width of the paper.

Both the image processing board and the lazar pcb have been changed without effect.

The initial failure was the 5v power supply that was changed but left the currant condition.

I have a vague recollection of the problem resulting from manually moving the cam that allows removal of the 'focal plane regulating guide' for cleaning.

As the replacement of the power supply involved a lot of disruption in the lazar printer area. Any advice ideas etc. will be very much appreciated.


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most likly dust on the focal planes. Remove them, clean them with a brush and reinstall. That worked fine with me. Also clean the window of your laser unit with the brush in the device. I had couple of times very very thin lines on the prints and after cleaning the parts discribed from dust all was fine.

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Looks like you may have a faulty loading sensor in the AFC. There could be other not so obvious mechanical reasons for these errors including collapsed bearings for the film feed roller shafts, or the rubber tyres are worn down etc.

Download QSS-3001 manuals from here:


Error Messages:

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People in China just replace the carbon brush or 2 brushes to make original cutter motor alive again.

But we just don't know where they buy / get the brushes from ... at @USD 5 each.

Compatible motors (same brand with original one) are also available in China.... No reducer shaft cutting is necessary.

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