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QSS 3201 Compact Archive Unit (CAU) Type 1


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I have a Noritsu QSS-3201 (With Negative Carrier). I want to enable Order Controller in the machine. I installed Compact Archive Unit (CAU) and Order Controller Software in the machine. In the Function & Option Registration when I enable the Order Controller Software it tells, "Enable Compact Archive Unit (CAU) Type 1". When I try to enable Compact Archive Unit (CAU) it only shows Type 2 and not Type 1. How do I enable that? I have a QSS-3202SD (Without Negative Carrier) and it is working perfectly OK with it. Please help me out on this.

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Hi Moon.

This is all I have on the R1 & R2 labs.


Keep in mind, to benefit from this forum, you should really start a new thread/topic if you need help with  a particular problem, otherwise the responses get "lost" in unrelated discussions or reply threads. These replies may assist other MinilabHelp community members experiencing problems with specfic machine types too.

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