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problem of digital connection qss 2611


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hello my problem to move from analogue to digital will follow after it AUX.2

1002-01 change paper tray is designed japuis on Latouche no message

to follow is to be passed to the analog it takes time.

in the operating system version check

vfp not communicationy

is in recording mode option

vfp uses

thank you

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The IPF control PCB is the board that the SCSI cables go to that you said you checked earlier.

It is located to the right of the lens deck carriage, you will need to remove the big outer cover that covers the zoom lens to get access to the IPF PCB, as I remember it is inside a metal cage.

Locate the connector plug J/P924 and measure the outer 2 pins with a volt meter, you should get 5 volts DC.

With the breaker switch turned off, unplug and re-plug all the connectors on the IPF control PCB.

Also remove the image transfer PCB from the main control PCB and fit it back again.

The image transfer PCB is located on the top of magazine B unit for a twin magazine machine, or on the side of the machine next to magazine A for a single magazine machine.

The circuit drawing is attached.

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Try removing the image transfer PCB from the machine and re-fitting it again. This is the small board with the big SCSI connector on the bottom of it, as shown in the second picture above.

If it still does not communicate, try re-loading the software from Disk F.

If it still does not work the image transfer PCB may be faulty.

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It could be either the IPF control PCB or the image transfer PCB that is faulty.

Before replacing any circuit boards, go to option registration and set the VFP to Not in use, then yes to register, then set it back to used again. This should get it to try and communicate again.

If the DCP is registered as an option, set it to Not in use.

Also try loading the software disks 1E and 1F again.

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