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I have a problem with noritsu machine QSS3501i  with iBeam tuning.

After several iBeam tuning are visible lines (in the attachment ) and lines are more visible than on the begining.

iBeam engine check is OK , after reading backup with old iBeam tuning lines visible in attachment dissapear but uniformity is not acceptable. Lines are only on right side of the picture

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Try carrying out the forced pre-emission.

Enter Service mode, Menu, Extension, Setup, iBeam Setup, Paper Specification Registration/Setup, F: Functions, Forced Pre- Emission. This will take approx 30 minutes.

If you still can't get good uniformity carry out the iBeam tuning

Enter Service mode, Menu, Extension, Setup, iBeam Setup, PaperSpecification Registration/Setup, F: Functions, iBeam Tuning.

Make sure all the test prints you read are clean, as dirty marks will effect the uniformity process.

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What paper width are you using for the setup?

Is this line only on 203mm width paper?

Check the paper is centralised to the ibeam unit.

Try doing the initial setup again.

If that does not help, save all the data in service mode, then perform a Windows recovery and software re-load. Use the initial data for the ibeam head.

And try doing the ibeam tuning again.

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Thanks for your reply

for the setup is used 203mm , Lines are visible on 152mm too. Centering was not perfect now after 2mm correction is OK . re-load of soft is done and backup from 2006 was loaded and three times iBeam tuning

and lines are still present

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