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What temperature is the BL tank showing in the temperature display?

If it is above 40oC the problem is either a lack of circulation due to a blocked pump, or the SSR for the bleach heater is faulty and is not switching off the heater when it should. With the chemical filter removed you should see a slight swirling of the chemistry.

To test the heater relay you can swap the position of the BL heater and BL sensor probe with the fix1 tank. (Do not change any of the wiring plug positions, just physically swap around.) If the overheating now is in the fix 1 tank the SSR will be the cause of the fault.

If after swapping the BL heater & sensor probe with the Fix it is still overheating the problem will be poor circulation.

If it is below 40oC the float switch will be faulty.

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It really depends how damaged the P.C.B is as to weather it can be repaired or not.

To me it sounds like the BL heater SSR (solid state relay) has failed.

What happens is the solder joints for the SSR crack, this causes arching, which then causes the SSR to overheat and get damaged.

Replace the SSR with a new one and I'm sure the problem will be solved.

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replace first  level sensor, termo sensor is over-temperature sensor, no temperature of chemical sensor. in te same package are contained level sensor, water sensor and over temperature sensor.if you insist in repair PCB, replace IC 17, IC16 and IC 15 in this order. three are TD62583AP, currently find in electronic shops. I think you dont need repair pcb.

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your display is in spanish. ¡hablas español? me cuesta trabajo explicarme en ingles. tu problema debió haberse resuelto simplemente con cambiar el sensor de nivel del blanqueador.si no se resolvió debes revisar los sensores con un multimetro. De cada sensor de nivel sale un cable plano de 6 alambres identificados por pares de color, tu debes verificar que tenga "continuidad" en los pines 3-4,5-6. de los sensoresCD,BL.FIX1,FIX2,STB3. Pero en STB 1,STB2 en estos verifica"continuidad" en pines 1-2. puede ser que encuentres que hayan cambiado el orden de conexion de alguno y te refleje en BL cuando fisicamente este en otro subtanque. pon especial atencion en el sensor de nivel de CD.Si ya verificaste con multimetro todos tus sensores de nivel, y estan en el orden correcto entonces no queda mas que cambiar uno a uno IC17,probar. IC,16 probar.IC15, probar.por que a estos IC llegan los sensores de nivel. La única vez que lo he hecho la PCB la dañaron por mal manejo pero así la reparé. Desafortunadamente no puedo asegurarte nada por que no estoy viendo tu V30.

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