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LPS-24: light line near lead edge


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Hey folks,

I stumbled upon this forum in looking for answers, and thought it might be a good idea to sign up and try it here :)

On to my problem, I service a pair of LPS-24s amongst other machines, and we've been having an issue that really doesn't even make sense to me.  About 1-1.5 inches (25-35mm) in from the lead edge (through the printer; tail through the processor), there is sometimes a line about 2-3mm wide that is a bit lighter than the rest of the print.  It happens more on one printer than the other, but it has happened on both, in the same place.  Both of our large sizes (20 and 24 inch (508 and 610 mm)) of paper have the problem, but it doesn't seem like 12 inch (305 mm) does.  Also, it seems to only happen on 'Metallic' paper, not E-surface.  Sometimes a new roll helps, sometimes not; sometimes the new roll will help on one printer but not on the other.

Anyone have any thoughts?

If clarification is needed, please ask.  Thanks in advance for any help :)

P.S.: If anyone has a service manual for these machines that they wouldn't mind sharing, you would become my new best friend :P

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Ah ha! That does look like my problem from what I read at the bottom of page 5/6.  Unfortunately, it looks like the rest of the instructions are on page 6/6, which I don't see in the attachment you gave me. Any chance you could give me that page as well, please? =)

Thank you very much!

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