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2901 Filter Wheel

Big Dave

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Hi all,

Today my color filter wheel blew out and shredded itself up to really tiny bits -- really tiny tiny bits.

I have a spare I installed and it also, blew up and shredded itself up.   ??)

I had to order another replacement (used of course)

Before I install it on Monday,  What should I also change / check so the replacement color filter wheel doesn't blow up and die ?

ANY help would be appreciated !

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Without taking the replacement filter wheel apart to check it's condition before you connect it there is not much you can do.

What happens is the glue that holds the filter wheel together goes brittle with age then cracks, because it is spinning so fast any slight crack will spread and it will self destruct. Later filter wheels were made with a more flexible glue to prevent this from happening.

I recommend you replace the PM driver that drives the filter wheel at the same time as replacing the filter wheel, as it often gets damaged when the filter wheel shatters.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks Dave.

Got the filter wheel replaced and did a bunch of other stuff (see below), and now the whole machine is running just great!  Even the problem with the little 1mm "dark section" went away !!!

Thanks for the great info.  

As Always, it's great to have you here.


Other stuff we did after changing the filter wheel:

Daily Setup with uniformity calibration (3 times)  After first time, uniformity was really bad.  Got better each time but still not great, so did these other steps:

Service Mode :

    Load Voltage Adjustment

    Uniformity Calibration 2, 3, 4  (took a LONG time), but all 3 finished successfully.

    Daily Setup (looked good, but uniformity still a bit off)

    Uniformity Calibration (regular) - took about an hour

    Uniformity Calibration (regular) - took about an 40 min (yes 2nd time)

    Daily Setup - said MLVA lamp low (was changed less than 30 days ago)

    Black Balance adjustment (just in case)

    Daily Setup - kept saying MLVA lamp low

    MLVA Lamp Change

    Daily Setup - all good.

Looks GREAT !  actually even better than before.

Probably could have minimized a lot of the steps performed, but since it was our first time changing the Filter Wheel, just gave the machine a lot of time before saying "it's ready!"

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