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Noritsu 3300: jpg and Mb's


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I've been wondering about this for years and now it's driving me mad.

We're working on a Noristu 3300 with a S4 scanner.

If we scan a 16b jpg, it's 2075x3130. With an average of 2.7 to 3.3 Mb.

However, on a Fuji Frontier when they scan a 16b jpg, it's 2240 x 3360 (oh well, ok), with a staggering 21.6 Mb.

Now, I can understand a bit of difference, but that much? And I know it's ridiculous to have a 21.6 Mb on a jpg, but hey, it looks good to the customers :-)

So, can anyone shed some light on this ? Thanks!


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Ok, we already had everything on the highest setting. So no improvement there.

Saving the 16b tiff as a jpg in photoshop quality 12 still means sizes 4.6 - 7.6 Mb, depending on the image.

If anyone with a 3300 and S4 scanner has a better option I'd love to hear it.

btw: a 64b scan - tiff and a 16b - tiff are nearly identical in size.

a 64b scan - tiff and a 16b - tiff don't differ that much in size either. Hmm.

What I can find on the net a "uncompressed jpg" doesn't exist, but I guess the Fuji frontier software has found a way ?

Thanks for any thoughts about the subject!


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A "bit" of useless information here about the 'b' - 16b etc. This refers to Base resolution, and it is derived from an old school standard TV monitor resolution at 4:3 as 512 x 768 pixels for a VGA screen @72-96dpi (640 x 480). So the 'b' does not relate to bit depth. There are also options for 1/4 Base  and 1/16 Base and they are all multiples, or sub, of the base resolution.

Scanned resolution                              saved as JPEG                  saved as TIFF              

4 Base =  1024 x 1536                            1~2 mb                             5 mb                              

16 Base= 2048 x 3072                            2~5 mb                             18 mb

64 Base (or "-") is 4096 x 6144                up to 17 mb                      up to 93 mb

For the latter at 64 Base, Noritsu scanner for  a  6x9 neg will ssan at full line scan area line which can be in the order of 5078 x 7505 pixels.

File sizes are approximations determined by image content of course.

The Noristu film scanners are a 12bit (4096) device, files are interpolated and converted to 8 bit gradation for the laser print engine at 300~320dpi . On the latest Noritsu models (37HD) the print engine is a 12bit (4096) printer at 640 dpi, with the option of selecting 8bit 300 dpi for throughput speed volume  rather than quality.

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To get a higher scan output you have to use the dash (-) setting in output image size located in option registration, media.

It will give you a different scan size output depending upon the print channel size settings.

To get the maximum output scan you must set the print channel to 210 paper width and feed length to 315.

If you don't use that width of paper just un-tick output print and index print etc settings.

There are 5 different scan output sizes available when using the dash (-) setting.

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