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6143-0002 Paper advance pressure change motor (rig


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Dear everyone,

i have this error on my Noritsu 3202 : 6143-0002 Paper advance pressure change motor (right) operation error

i swap the sensor and motor on the left one. But the error is still here on the right arm. It is very strange because the error happens sometimes after 300 400 prints, sometimes after a few prints. And some days, no error.

I already check the connector on the different PCB. What should i check ?

Best regards


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You can try by replacing the 24V power supply PCB which supplies power to the Motors. While the error comes, please check if power supply 24V is working wel. I am not familier with Noritsu, but I solve such types of problem of QSS-3201 / 3201SD models.

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Yes the right arm has the longer cable.

It is normally the right arm cable that fails first. I'm guessing because it's longer the resistance is slightly higher so is more sensitive to internal damage compared to the left arm cable.

If there was a problem with the 24V power supply you would get an error on both left and right arms.

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