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Spelling the name helps, though we obviously know what you mean.  Seriously, this industry is plagued by misspellings, and ignorance; not that I am a fan of Noritsu, but at least take the time to spell their name right?

I know here in the states, they charge per hour on the phone as of '08 or so.  Tech support really does depend entirely upon your location, as Neil alluded.

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Not now, in the title!  :-p

Of course, as an American, I really don't have a pot to piss in when it comes to other languages.  I pretty much fit the stereotype, probably couldn't do a very good job with Spanish or Mandarin spellings.

As of two years ago, Noritsu's phone support was all very expensive, being in the Caribbean though I suppose though it would be far more expensive to bring someone in unless you luck out and have a tech living nearby.

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