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qss 3001 atx power box


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hello all

my question is following it is possible to change the ATX power  for computer motherboard  for qss 3001 whith a standard ATX power box

thank s all

If you're going to upgrade the board and ad a standard ATX PSU there's ways to avoiding the regular expensive ATX PSU in the qss 3001 setup. Can't recall if the info is available in this forum, but a google search should point you to the info sources if not in this forum. Be warned it's not exactly trivial :)

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There is a way like YEP said (on the other forum), it is basically some mini electronics you have to put together and plug into your Serial port to trick the QSS software into thinking the Nipron power supply & battery is plugged in.

Attached is the schematics another gentleman drew up that supposedly works (YEP should vouch for this)

We replaced with original Nipron power supply & battery - just go to Nipron.com - less than $200 US for a very good, clean power supply.

PS all you others, the lead acid battery in your Noritsu should be replaced every 3 years !

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Hi. Yes standard ATX power supply is working . I tested it in QSS30 and QSS29 minilab. By the way : it is enough to connect 5V instead 10V . Com port signals can be from -10V  to +10V. When you connect +10V port see logical 1 . When you connect +5V com port see the same level ( logical 1 ) . If you want can connect standard UPS to your new power supply.

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