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Film Scanner Problem


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You don't need to do a software upgrade when changing the I/O PCB 3 as no software is stored on this board.

Thoroughly check all the plugs have been connected properly, and that none have got trapped and are hiding underneath the board. There are no unused  connector sockets on this particular board.

Check if the film advance motor is operating normally in output check mode.

Are you sure the PCB you have fitted is not faulty?

Other causes are faulty or bad connections on the D-ICE PCB.

Does the machine do the scanner light source normally?

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Here are some observations:  Film scanner was working fine two months ago, but when the I/O PCB 3 went out, giving us the Integrator Fan Error, the film scanner stopped working.  We replaced the I/O PCB 3 and still can't get the film scanner to work.  It tells you to insert negative, but once it takes it to the first step, it stops, green light blinks, and it says "One Moment Please" on the monitor...and doesn't go beyond that...even after leaving it alone for over an hour.  

The Scanner Light Source Registration fails...

Printing from CDs (digital files) works great...except that every once in a while we get the ARCNET Communication error, and it goes to "One Moment Please"...so we leave it alone for an hour, and it eventually clears and we are able to continue printing.

Any suggestions?

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And by the way, I checked all the connections in the I/O PCB 3, unplugging and blowing them with canned air, and then plugging them back in.  Only 275 is unused...

I also checked the connections to the Image Processing PCB and D-ICE PCB, then swapped memory 203 and 210 in the Image Processing PCB...but still no change in the film scanner situation.

The scanner bulb was new when we originally had the I/O PCB 3 failure, and I wonder if the bulb may have burned out or somehow was affected by that failure.  There is no error message, though.  Should we replace this bulb?  


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there is a possibility you might need to replace the Image correction PCB (J390611-00).  you can also run the software upgrade you have to be in service mode for that

Menu:  → Extension → Maintenance → Software Upgrade. monday's password is 9831. make sure you click on Software Upgrade (HD)

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Software your machine holds the current software on the HD of your machine so follow the instructions above. In service mode you will have 2 options software upgrade from HD (no disks required) or CD,  of course for this option you need the disk first.


before running software upgrades you need to confirm the arcnet system is working correctly. Arcnet is used to send information to the various PCB's including the scanner.

Go to version check (next to version upgrade.)

That will show a grey box with all your PCB's listed at the end of each line will be an OK, if any have a dash or they show OK and flick back to a dash you are loosing communication between that PCB. In that case your machine will give arnet errors when it boots occasionally or simply hang with one moment please.

One PCB is shouting hello can you here me and it waits for a YES I'm here, what do you want to do????

If you try to run software upgrade with a bad arcnet you will only have half the information transfered and have even more problems.

If you have a PCB with bad arcnet clean the fibre optics ports with a sucker or remove the PCB and tap gently so the bits of black plastic outer drop out of the ports

Your engineer will have software to check the condition of the arcnet and a special syringe to suck the dirt out, thats why you pay him big bucks

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As it's not doing the light source either my guess would be a problem with the D-ice PCB J390572-00.

The "one moment please" message is probably because the image processing PCB is waiting for the signal to come from the D-ice PCB.

You can try removing and re-fitting the D-ice board from the image processing PCB just in case there are bad connections etc. Observe anti static precautions when touching this circuit board.

In the system version check display what exactly is showing for the d-ice PCB?

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Intersting how much we learn when things don't work...

I checked the Version Check, and all were OK (and stayed OK) except for the following:

   Pricing Unit

   NMC (NetOrder)

   NMC2 (QSS-Net)

   UDA Unit

   Image Rotration Booster PCB

   Image Rotation Booster PCB (DSP)

Is this normal?

I plan to clean the connections for all fiber cables...any advise or warning?  I intent to use a small suction-type bulb to suck out any dust that might be interfering with the communication.

Thanks so much...

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If you don't have those components they should just show "--" rather than "OK"

We don't have any of those components (i think), so they show "--".

For cleaning out the fiber connections, I used a small hand-held vacuum with a super tiny pipe taped to the vacuum hose.  

Suck, don't blow into the connectors -- that sounds bad ;-)

Do not bend the fiber cables too much as they could break.

Worst case, you'll use a really sharp craft knife to re-cut the ends of the fiber cables -- or one of those fancy fiber cable cutter tools -- we used a new, sharp x-acto blade about 2 years ago to cut off about 2mm of the cables plugging into the PC-NRT4.

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Great advise...thanks so much.  I will check the fiber cable ends, and make sure I "suck" on the ends   :)

I was just not sure how to pull them out of the socket, afraid to pull too hard and cause damage, but I imagine they just plug in, right?

I am still not ruling out defective PCBs, but want to do everything I can first...before I spend a lot more money.

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LasCruces, OH!  

There's a little round "springy" thing the fiber cable plugs into.  Black / White / Black / White....

You have to push the round retaining ring "IN" towards the metal back plate AS YOU pull the fiber cable "OUT" of the connector.  The retainer ring has sharp metal teeth that keep the fiber cable in place.  If you just pull the fiber cable out, the teeth may/will scrape off some of the black plastic coating the fiber cable.  Those scrapings are notorious for causing communications errors.

If you don't press the ring you may damage the cable.

Do the same for the other optical fiber cables.

Kevbo37 said on this post:  http://www.minilabhelp.com/forum/Blah.pl?m-1275338227/s-3/highlight-fiber+connector/#num3

Also small peices of the cladding for the fiber optic can be floating around inside the connector end. The best way to ensure that there are not pieces in the connectors is to remove the board and hold it in such a way that the loose pieces will fall out and shake and tap the board to help them. Never blow or stick anything in the opening of the connector.

I supposed I should have read it before I stuck the plastic micro tube into mine.  :-(

Good Luck !

Oh, and when you re-insert the fiber cables, push the ring in before and while you insert the cable.

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