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2901- Remaining paper all showing 0

Big Dave

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Hey guys,

Do any of you know which connector (or board) counts the remaining # of meters of paper left in each magazine ?

Ours stopped showing it a little while back, and it's been giving "ARCnet communications errors" a couple of times a day when processing film or digital images --

if we process slowly, it's fine, but lately, if we PJP 50+ digital images or 8+ film images, it's almost guaranteed to give the "arcnet comm. error".

I'm thinking that it's inter-related.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Where it shows the magazine A & B there should be a button to the right marked 'change' press this and set it to the length of a new roll of paper (normally the measurement is in metres).

When the magazine runs out of paper it should reset back to the figure you entered.

This will only work properly if you have one magazine for each size and surface.

If you have two magazines set the same you must always use the same magazine until the paper has run out, then you can use the second magazine.

You can't swap between both magazines of the same size and surface because the machine can't determine which magazine you are using, so will incorrectly calculate the paper remaining figure.

ARCNET errors are normally related to dirty fibre optic cables, meaning the ends of the cables will need to be cleaned or trimmed back with a very sharp craft knife or with a proper fibre optic cutter.

What is the exact error number you are getting?

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Great, seems an ex-employee played with the magazine roll lengths before leaving -- thanks for the info on fixing it --I've nevered adjusted it before.

I've also "hoovered" the entire 2901 and things are much better.  Not getting the ARCnet errors !!!

Took a while, but well worth it!  Now just have to hoover the inside of the PC.

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