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135 dx sensor 3 error on 2901sm


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hi for some reason i keep getting error message 135 dx sensor 3 error message on my noritsu 2901sm machine i have cleaned the sensor and have blown out the mask Im not sure what i can use on the sensors to clean it ???? or if theres any other suggestions how to clear this error!


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Have a look at the glass lens for the sensors in the film track, sometimes these get cracks in them across the surface which can impair their optical performance significantly, especially if the damage runs across the path of the LED to sensor alignment. If you have to replace one of these they will need to be glued back into position. For the DX sensors they usually have a  slot or very narrow window for the  detection of  the latent specfic  film term and frame number encoding.

Execute a sensor calibration which may be enough to  recover the ANM, otherwise you may be looking at replacing the LED or the sensor. LED emmission can drop off after a few years, or maybe the sensor has failed.

Removal of the  sensor boards requires a special small mulitfaceted socket driver/tool, but you can take out the screws with other hand tools if you are v-e-r-y careful! Positioning the sensors in their original position can be fiddly and is best achieved by observing the figures for sensor gain values.  

Good luck.......

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To get into service mode, insert the Nortitsu Service FD go to Extension and press F-1 (that's F and minus one) then key in the 2260

If you dont have the Service FD you can download the Noritsu Key generator (NPG) from here, and while you're at it read the "read me first" text file too.......Service manuals are here also!



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