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Fuji DL600 Vs Noritsu D1005-2


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Does any one know which one is better in quality and worth for money.  i already own a QSS 3201SD where it is 5 years old and i have changed laser unit 2 times. i have noticed minute dot grains on D 1005-2, where i read that Fuji DL600 using 5 ink cartridge and it reduce those grains problem, but i have not seen the picture. is any one using dry printers? please advice me for better choice.

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D1005 has a setting for quality instead of quantity it is a little slower but eliminates some small lines and dot issues.  Print a solid black or blue print, Noritsu should not show lines throughout print if it does it is not up to specifiacation.

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I purchased the D1005 in February of this year and I am very pleased with the printer. I replaced my Noritsu 2901 with it and have no regrets. At the time I do not think the Fuji was out yet or I had missed it some how but I think I would still get the D1005 for the speed and that I have 3 paper sizes loaded at 1 time 5", 6", and 10". At this point I have run about 22,000 prints 98% of them 8x10 sheets and have not had a single issue. I run every thing on standard quality and all my clients are very pleased with the quality.

Best of luck with your decision if you have any specific questions in regards to the D1005 I would be happy to help.

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