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my qss 3300 is printing blacks with a blue tinge

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I suspect your CD tank solution is a bit weak.

Are the 6" and 8" papers exactly the same type? Some papers need a slightly stronger CD solution than others.

If you have paper control strips process one so you can check the chemistry is good.

As a very rough test fog a piece of 8" paper by pulling it out of the magazine then rewinding it back in again then make some prints, the paper should come out completely black, any hint of blue will more than likely be a chemistry problem.

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What is the D-max reading?  Unless you give a densitometer reflection reading, with cyan, yellow, magenta dye readings, it's all just poor guesswork on our parts.

Before doing anything, I'd check the calibration on the replen pump in the developer tank and the temperature to see if tehy are at spec.  What percent utilization do you generally get on your developer in a weekly, monthly period of time?

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I would agree with dave s your cd tank may be weak,also it might be contaminated.If so will effect every other tank after that as it would just carry the contamination through the rest.

But i would certainly run the paper control strip first,you should also use the same paper type for all sizes as colour balance and chemical rates may differ from both sets of paper.

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