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Check your rep rates, pump outputs and recirculation.This problem is normally related to very low throughput, all surfaces of the racks will be covered as parts of the chemistry have dropped out of solution. I would dump it but you need to find out why first or it will do it again

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hi thank you for the information i idid the pump out for the bleech and this is what i got:

bf-a  35 ml

bf-b  35ml

bf-water  20 ml

do i update the amounts in the pump out amt settting:

here it reads:

bfa 31.1

bfb 30.8

bf water  15.0


BF-A  10.80

BF-B   15.60

BF-WATER  0.01

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Sounds like your on SM box chemistry

Your pump output should be what ever it reads (average over 3 or 4 outputs) If its drastically different from the last time I check things like in line strainers, poppet valves and seals, why would it change.

Long time since I ran SM so you need someone who is to give you the standard rep rate.

The whole idea is that your pack runs out at the same time so you can not simply increase your rep rates as you would with standard replenisher.

Your water amount does look wrong, standard Kodak SP is 50/50, 5 lts concentrate 5 lts water.

You need an adult with the correct settings

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thankyou for the informaion!  and yes for some reason the STANDARD REPLISHMENT AMT SETTIING READS:

BF-WATER  0.01

but i also saw that i am not to change the settings accordingly to the instructions i got from the machine!

I am clue less of how to fix this problem???

How do i get the correct settings? From Kodak or someone who has knowledge of this?


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OK THANK YOU i was able to replace to poppet valves cleaned and flushed out the tank and rack and when i mixed the chemistry into the working tank i got  a little of the film back on top of the chemistry but after 15 min i pulled out the filter an this what it looks like

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