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2901 Scanner Area Problem


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Here we go again...

We just replaced the I/O PCB 3, and now we are not able to scan film.  We get "CCD Check Error - 6313-0051" and "Scanner Area Registration Error - 6310-0055"...

Is there any correlation between replacing I/O PCB 3 and this?  Did we miss something?  This wasn't happening before.  Although, the last thing we were doing when we got the Integrator Fan Error was scanning film (35 mm).


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Is it necessary to upgrade software when the I/O PCB 3 is replaced?  If so, how can we obtain the software upgrade CD?

Right after we installed the I/O PCB 3 we got a variety of errors:   6901-0010,  6906-6006,  6108-0001, 6901-0080, 6820-0004, 6903-0001, and 1903-0001...at different times, but the system was busy "processing" and we couldn't print.  I let it sit for a long time (2 hours), to allow it time to finish processing, and we were able to print all day today, but can't scan film...


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