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2901 Integrator Cooling Fan and MLVA Lamp


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We just replaced MLVA lamp, printed over 200 prints, then after cleaning sensors in 35 MM negative mask, began getting error message Integrator Cooling Fan Operation Error (6079-0001) and MLVA Lamp is Burned Out (1021).  MLVA lamp doesn't turn on, and integrator cooling fan is not working, which prevents MLVA lamp from switching on.

Is it possible that cleaning of negative mask could have caused some connection problems?  Is it reasonable that integrator fan finally stopped working?

Please help...


PS:  We are interested in buying a used or refurbished 2901 (RA)...any suggestions or leads?   Our 2901 has printed nearly over 2.5 million prints...maybe time to retire it.  :-)

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This is an optical (photographic enlargement, not scan head) printer, right?  Don't retire it unless you can find more of the same!  Image quality, iMHO, really takes a hit whne film is scanned.

Of course, we are getting to the point where all the paper left now, is optimized for laser or LED exposure.

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It may be just that the fan is completely clogged up with dust and needs a good clean out.

The fan is located underneath the MLVA lamp house, remove the plastic cover with the filter, now remove the 2 screws and remove the white metal panel.

There are 2 fans in that area, one is attached to a plastic cowling, give them both a good blast out with air.

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Why does it have an integrator then?  Thought digital printers had far more advanced methods of measuring color balance than T-matrices.

And, sorry, 300DPI doesn't cut it for me, maybe 450 or 600.  Then again, a lot of people don't mind lustre paper.  F surace optical ultra I'll stack up against any 300DPI on the same surface.  Don't like maxing out res. at 7 and change MP for an 8x10.  You loose 50% going through a lens, but that can still be upwards of 10MP.

I know of one current film emulsion (just discontinued) for movie production, not stills that was digital optimized.  Sorry, they've optimized the BOXES and MARKETING for digital, but the films are still very much optical compatible.  They keep making the grain smaller, maybe have gotten SLOPPIER if anything with consistency, because of the uncontestable advantage digital has as far as operatore ease-of-use.

Kodak just made the remarkable claim of "improving" portra, when what they really did was discontinue the VC line and up the contrast on the NC line slightly!  It's a shame more people don't call them out, keep them honest.

I'll confess an infatuation with "HD400."  Bet if I read it on a densitometer it'd perform identically to Gold 400.  Cut from the center of the mastder roll for better consiisten cy, maybe, nd pu tin a fancier box.

Ektar 100?  Ultra 100 with a marginal improvement in grain, probably to cover for them discontinuing ht emore-useful 400UC.  Slap Ektar on the 400 and make THAT the best-seller, or slap it on all the Gold 100s and keep it on the shelves.

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The 29 uses an MLVA head unit to expose the paper, its Not LED and does not use lenses. The quality is superb and preferred by many for been nearer optical quality over laser output. Shit in shit out.

It does however take ages to do daily setup and tune the unit for good uniformity, again those that love them will put up with that

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Dave,  I removed and cleaned the fan, and even tried to trick the interlock switch with a magnet, and still the same error, including "MLVA Lamp Burned Out"..and no power to the lamp or fans.  I switched the lamp to the scanner and it worked, and the scanner lamp would  not work in the MLVA housing.  I noticed that the cable that the MLVA lamp plugs into appears to be burned out at the plastic housing, and the Current Detection Board's LED doesn't go on, possibly detecting a malfunction with the MLVA cable...

Am I on the right path?  Any ideas what to do?


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I don't know where to go now...I fixed the burned out cable, but the lamp is still not going on, and the Current Detection Board and the MLVA Power Board both have LEDs that don't light up.  The same error messages keep coming up "MLVA Lamp is Burned Out" and "Inegrator Cooling Fan Operation Error"...

Any ideas...??


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Maybe the fuse F11 has blown on the printer I/O PCB 3 ( J390622)

LED 8 should be lit indicating 24V.

Between TP4 and GND should measure 24V DC

The printer I/O PCB 3 is located at No.4 on the attached drawing.

If the machine does not detect the fans running it will automatically switch off the lamp to stop any overheating.

There are 2 integrator cooling fans, have you checked both of them?

Are any of the cooling fans working in the MLVA lamp house?

The circuit drawing does show 2 interlock switches LS15 & LS16 which is No.7 & 8 on the drawing, check these are connected up ok. The 2 fans are 22 & 23 on the drawing.

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I checked both integrator fans, and neither one is turning.  None of the cooling fans in the MLVA lamp house are working.  I took out all of the fuses in I/O PCB 3 and they all looked good and tested OK for continuity.  It seems like there is no power going to the MLVA lamp house area.  Would a bad integrator fan cause power to be shut off to all components, including the cooling fans?

Is the fact that neither of the LEDs are lit on the MLVA Power Board and the Current Detection Board an indication of bad boards?


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Check the connector plug J/P280 on the printer I/O PCB 3 is connected properly.

Also check the other end of the plug J/P113 on the printer control PCB which is located behind the black panel to the left of magazine A.

LED 12 on the printer I/O PCB 3 should be lit when the MLVA lamp is on, however the machine will not supply power to the MLVA lamp power supply if it detects the integrator fans are not running.

If you open and close the MLVA lamp house does LED 12 briefly light?

In answer to your question (I'm presuming by MLVA power board you mean the MLVA lamp power supply) none of the LED's will light up unless the relay X14 is switched on. But as said earlier the machine will switch off X14 if it detects a problem with the cooling fans.

The current detection board just checks if the lamp is drawing current, and will throw up the MLVA lamp burn out error if no current is detected, but it does not actually control the lamp.

The error you need to clear is the 6079-0001 Integrator Cooling Fan operation error.

Until this error is cleared the MLVA lamp will not light.

All the MLVA fans are controlled by TR16 on the printer I/O PCB 3.

It is possible one of the fans is shorting out, causing all the other MLVA fans to stop working as they are all on the same circuit.

You can try unplugging all of the fans then, connect one up at a time.

There are a total of 4 fans, 2 on the lamp house, 1 small and 1 large, then the 2 integrator cooling fans.

Is the fan for the scanner lamp house working ok? If it is it indicates the 24V power supply is OK.

If you still can't get any of the MLVA fans to run, either the printer I/O PCB 3 will be faulty, or the signal is not getting through caused by bad wiring or a fault from the printer control PCB.

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Please note the following info about I/O PCB-3 Board and let me know what you think...

*  Voltage between TP4 and Ground is 24 V

*  LED 8 is lit, and Fuse 11 is OK

*  In connector P281 voltage between connector 1 and 2, and 4 and 5 is 2.8 V (this is also the voltage measured getting to the fans, which tested OK when connected to 24 Volt power supply)

*  In connector P282 voltage between 1 and 8 is 23.4 V, between 9 and 12 zero voltage (probably because relay X-14 is shut down due to Integrator Fan Error.  Voltage between 2 and 6, and 3 and 7 is 12 V.

Is this an indication that the I/O PCB-3 is bad?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks so much...

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For connector P282 you need to measure between pin 1 & 3 and 4 & 6.

I would expect the result to be the same as measuring between pin 2 & 6 and 3 & 7 on connector P281.

I would expect the measurements to be nearer 24V rather than 12V.

But at 12V I would also expect the fans to be running, albeit slower than usual.

Are you measuring with the plugs P281 & P282 disconnected?

If so measure again with the plugs connected, as then there will be a load connected.

It is pointing to a faulty I/O PCB 3 more specifically TR16

But as said previously if the printer I/O PCB 3 is not getting the signal from the printer control PCB the fans will not switch on.

As a test if you connect the negative side of D20 on the I/O PCB 3 to ground the fans should come on as well as the lamp, it would be advisable to unplug the lamp as if the fans are not running it will cause overheating. If the fans still do not run when you do this test the I/O PCB 3 will be faulty.

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