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Weird stripes at qss3300


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Hi everyone!

I got an error again. Last month i have some problem with the AOM driver, we changed and it works fine, until this week... I hope that problem is not because the driver.

Here is a sample:


The problem is this weird stripe, Why weird? Because this appear only the 152mm wide paper, if i create a 10x15cm photos. if i change the size to 15x21cm the stripes has appear in the first 10cm and not repeat all the time , just sometimes make the stripes again every 10 cm. (very very rarely).(And the stripes has not appear in other sizes 127, 210 is fine)

Sorry for my bad english i hope it is understandable.

Please if anybody see before something like this, help me.


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Dear Sir!

Thank you for the comforting answer. If i close the shop , cleaning out the machine, i just have a silly question. where is the dust? In the dustproof glass or another place? If you have some instructions for me i really appreciate it. Thanks for the answer and sorry for the dumb questions, my service man is not in the country and im puzzled because our company's main profile is sublimated and other gifts. :B


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The lines are called banding. The reason for this is the print is stopping for a fraction of a second while the print is being exposed. The most likely cause of this is the print hitting/ rubbing on the black turn guide on the paper advance unit.

Pull out the paper advance unit and check that the black guide is not broken/ cracked on the right hand side.

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