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V30 pump amount settings


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Hi! Got the v30 up and running, however the guy I got the processor from changed the pump amount settings to 51ml for all the pumps, Called Kodak and they gave me what I thought were the correct amounts but they are still measuring at 51ml. Does anyone know what the pump amount settings should be for this machine? Thanks!

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You key in whatever value you see for pump-out in the measuring cylinder. If they are all pumping out 51ml then all's very well and good. It's the Replenishmnet Rates you need to be looking at for the  specific  chemistry brand you are using.


So for example, using Kodak chemistry, rep rates (as a guide only) would look something like this:

Dev 18ml/m2  

Bleach 4.4ml/m2  

Fix 32ml/m2  

Stabiliser 36ml/m2.

The recommended rep rates should be on a data sheet accompanying the boxes of chemistry or printed on the side of the cartons.

You can download the QSF V series manuals here:


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This is where I am getting confused :( I set the pump amount settings, as in 3.8.6, to what Kodak gave me which is almost identical to what you listed for me. I assumed that only 18 ml of CD would come out when I measured the pump vs the 51ml I am getting, same for the BL, FIX and STB. Is this not correct? I changed the value by going into MODE>REPLENISH./REFILL WATER>REPLENISHMENT>PUMP AMOUNT SETTING> and then I keyed in the numbers I got from Kodak for CD, BL, FIX, and STB. Arghhhh!! I am confused :(

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Pump amount setting is used for calibrating the pump output which changes over time a little bit and with that operation you enter the value which you get measuring the each pump output with measuring cilinder (preferably 3 times and then calculate the average).

The replanishament rate (base replanishament) is value which is set per m (lenght) off film and this is the value which machine will be using durnig the work. Also this values is set by the chemical manufacturer and it is correct only if the pump are first calibrated in the first mentioned operation.

By the way same goes for temperature setting and calibration (but this is another subject).

I hope that this clafies something, but sorry for misstypes as English is not my language and my spell checker is off  ;)

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If it is only giving you a 51mL (2 U.S. fl. oz.) ammt. in pump calibration mode, trick it into thinking a 24-exp. roll is going through, then measure at that time. . .

That's what I'd do.  Can't stand "idiot-proofing" causing more hassles than it is worth with skilled operators such as ourselves.

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The pumps will always measure the same in the pump output setting no matter what figures you put in!

This is to calibrate the pumps only, and is not for altering the rep rate.

So you are actually telling the machine how much that pump is outputting.

Measure each pump 3 times add the 3 readings together then divide by 3, this will give you an average reading, enter this figure into the pump output setting.

To change the rep rates go to the Basic amount setting.

If you feel you need to, you can test it by going into manual replenisment, this will replenish for 1 roll of 24 exp film.

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I checked the pump amount setting, by measuring 3 times for each one and set it according to the average. I got the replenisher rates from Kodak and set them correctly for 135, and checked my other machine for the other sizes, 126/240/110/120. We still process 135, 120, 220, and APS films so I feel they are correct. I will double check with Kodak to make sure. Right now there is only water in the machine and I am going to just calibrate the pumps a few times a day and make sure that everything is staying accurate. I have ordered filters for the machine and once I get them I plan to put chemistry in the machine and go from there. Once I feel confident in this machine I will take down the other one. I think I will take your advice Dave and do some manual replenishment for some "film" and see how it checks out.

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