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Exchange outdated computer parts on QSS 3011


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HI guys,

good morning. I believe that most of the owners of a QSS 3011 are faced sooner or later with the simple fact that the computer parts are outdated. We are working in Nicaragua a lot with frames. Means about 90% of all pictures which are being printed are 6x8 and with a specific frame such as diploma etc. I have about 300 frames available. However the process of arranging the picture with frames takes time. To open the picture in the viewer it takes me 10 seconds. Then my operator arrange the frame and thats it. I would like to get a major update on my computer:

Means I would like to invest into:

New Motherboard

New Graphic Adapter

New Prozessors and memory

I understand that I have to stay with Windows 2000 as this is the only system the Noristu software likes to work with!?!

Now I would like to ask the community the following questiuons.

1) Inside the system are 2 SCSI Harddrives...actual mainboards dont run this standard anymore right know its SATA...what to do?

2) Has anybody experience with the Scanner card and the optical wireing in an up to date motherboard PCI slot?

3) Is there any limitation for the Graphic Adapter used in ordere to get the images into the Image PCB of the Noritsu?

4) Can anybody who did this major open heard surgery share with us his experience his used components and a small report about the performance gains?

Thnak you guys


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