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2901 nocking in machine


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Could be something else if your prints aren't overlapping, but my first suspicion would be cross over No-3 and rack-2  (Bleach). Drive gears on the cross over are prone to build up of crystals and the gears, this tends to bog down and load up the drive to the crossover. The double grey idler gear can also sieze on the shaft eventually if it gets pitted too much.  Check the larger grey idler gear on the rack which drives the crossover. Same as above, gets encrusted with bleach crystals, Idler gear  hole gets  enlarged and rocks on the pin, also gets pitted and needs to be replaced at some time. Gears on this  cross over need to be washed and scrubbed every second day at least if you are turning over a fair bit of work.

While you've got the rack out, check the lower turn belt is not too loose.

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