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d king

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d KIng ... how many prints do you make a day ??

First thing would be upgrading memory on image PCB (I don't know the exact name of the PCB in question, but I can ask the person who told me again) :)

Of course an upgrade of your PC would be nice too

If you're doing most of your things in 10x15 (4x6") you should rescale your images before processing them at the qss-3001

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I don't think you can add more RAM to a 3001.

You can upgrade the Pc, cost about $2000 from a polish third party, or there are old threads on this forum that tell you how for less than half that.

Best plan is to pre-process your digital files, render them down to nessesary resolution not what you are given. Some kiosks do this, or you could configure a separate Pc and Photoshop action to do it for you.

The 3001 was designed when film was still dominant, and 3 mega pixel cameras were special.

Dud whites is probably chemistry or poor setup.


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according to a Noritsu tech there's an option to exchange 2x128MB RAM to 2x256MB RAM on some Image PCB board (it's not cheap as always with Noritsu). As I understand it even when one upgrade the PC there's still this 256MB limit.

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance checking up on this yet. Sure is cheaper having a lot of RAM in a PC acting as a buffer than having to upgrade depending on the price-level of Noritsu spares :)

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I use both 3001 and 3011. We have a separate PC, let's call it "server" PC. On this PC, we use a free image resizer. It does the job pretty quickly. We print files from Canon 1DMkii, Nikon D3 and all high megapixel cameras. It's a breeze because in one step of our workflow, we downsize those image files. For 4R (6 in x 4 in), we resize the images, at 300 dpi, to 1800 pixels by 1350 pixels. The 1350 pixel dimension is to allow for SD (TV 4:3 aspect ratio) resolution from the originating source.

The  file resizer is available FREE from www.faststone.org. The latest is version 3.0, here is the link: http://www.faststone.org/FSResizerDownload.htm

If you have extra pocket money, you could use ACDSee 10 Photo Manager. Does the same job, but it's a commercial software. In our opinion, FSResizer does it faster, and it's FREE.

Our 3011 and 3001 both use version 2.8 and 2.9 respectively.

And, we are churning out prints as fast as one can get... Really. No expensive PC upgrades, if you have a "server" PC on hand, since it's all networked by LAN to the minilab

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How do you get to the 1350 pixels ..... I've been wondering how much is "cut" off in different settings.

As it's a very smart way of achieving higher processing speeds.

Is there a rule of thumb to how much is cut of in the different settings ??

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