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3501 AOM problems?


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After a little over 4 years of trouble free service, my 3501 started exhibiting some problems that I think are caused by a faulty AOM.

On Saturday at the end of a run of about 120 5x7's the last couple of prints shifted very magenta/blue. I ran them again and they looked good, but when I went to print some more prints they were magenta/blue too. This morning (Monday) i ran the balance and everything looked okay. However a couple of hours later when I went to make some prints, they were the same magenta/blue.

Looking in the Laser self diagnosis guide leads me to believe it is a faulty AOM.

So I have a couple of questions. I called Noritsu and they said the new part number AOM is $1,200 but is out of stock for 3-8 weeks! The older number that is $2,100 is in stock. Plus I still haven't heard from a tech about when they could come out and service my machine. They are several places online (Serrano-Rey in Florida) that advertise these AOM's at $990. Should I buy one of these AOMs (are they fairly interchangeable?) and how hard is it to replace?

Thanks for any help!


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Diagnose as to which  AOM Signal Driver may be the culprit by following Eugene's guide here:


Replacement and recovery is very straight forward, just follow the instructions attached.  Some restore their machine by simply executing  a daily setup after replceing an AOM, but as the Noritsu RI says, an Initial Setup is recommended. This will take  a little more  time than the daily setup but is the preferred option.

Initial Setup

Follow the instructions on the Initial Setup display. When two or three paper types are to be used, carry out Paper

Specification Registration/Setup for each paper on the Paper Specification Registration/Setup display.

Bringing up the display

Extension → Setup → Initial Setup

You are safe purchasing from Serrano Rey, no need to pay Noritsu prices.

QSS35 Service Manuals for download can be found here:


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1. No need to buy old type AOM driver for 2.100 US$.

That model is discontinued by Noritsu and they offer new model for ~ 900 US$ so price of Serrano-Rey in Florida is quite fair. Old model and new model looks same but different in manufacturer as far as I know...

2. Yes all AOM drivers are interchangeable.

3. It is really easy to replace it by yourself. No need to callout the tech and pay.

Just touch the metal body of a lab before replacement to avoid the damage of the equipment by static electricity shock.

Read " Kama Sutra" (service manual). Good book.

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Many many thanks for the replies and help. After tossing and turning last night trying to figure out what to do, guess what showed up at my door this morning? I guess Noritsu found 1 of the cheaper AOM's and shipped it yesterday. So, I'll use that one. The tech rep said he was going to be in my area tomorrow, so I think I'll let him replace this one and do the next one (hopefully not too soon) myself.

Any rhyme or reason to why they fail? Will they other one be failing anytime soon? This new one is supposed to better, right? I was also wondering if I should have my old AOM fixed or if anyone even offers that service.

Thanks again for all the help.


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Just thought I'd post a follow up note. Noritsu TSR installed the new AOM yesterday and everything is working great. Just needed to do a daily start up balance and then go in and balance each paper type. Pretty easy really. The AOM they found for me must have been in some TSR's kit, because I think they're still out of stock.

Sent an email to the Pan Asian Trading site to see if they had this AOM. They quoted me a price of only $436 plus shipping! However, they are out of stock too. I wonder why Noritsu is so back ordered on these AOMs?

Has anyone ordered from the Pan Asian site? If so, at that price I may order a back up when they're back in stock.

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