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QSS-3300 Pump output amount setting Prime SP Lorr


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Hi! We've been using Russel insted of Kodak (Prime SP Lorr) the last few years. But now we're going back to Kodak. Does anyone have the correct pump output amount settings?

For Russel it's:

CD - 58 mL

BF - 59 mL

STB - 112 mL

And if anyone has the mixingratio for CD/BF and starter I would REALLY appreciate the numbers so I could check if my old ones are correct :)


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You need to change the basic replenisher rep rate NOT the pump output settings.

The pump output setting are for rep pump calibration only.

The standard settings for PRIME LORR are:-

CD 80mL/M²

BF 54mL/M²

STB 195mL/M²

More detailed information can be found here http://www.kodak.com/global/plugins/acrobat/en/service/Zmanuals/z130_03.pdf

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For those of us not too blessed with the 'smarts' when it comes to mental arithmetic, unZip this simple Excel based calculator to do the maths for your Starter mix using  Prime SP LORR. Just key the tank volume into the blue box and hit tab to refresh the result.

Take note: the Starter value is in mL NOT Litres

Looks like this..........You can modify the table default values by by using the 1234 password/protection.

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Photocorp i have just renewed my dev tank and on the bottle of starter the

measurements say repl700mm starter 25mm water 275mm = 1litre tank size 10 litres

so i make that 250mm of starter?

the calulater shows for 10 litres as 450mm

If i imputed the wrong amount starter what would that do to the photos?

the reason i ask is that i have always done it like this but i do notice that i do have to remove a yellow more often than not.

thanks Richard

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Sorry mate -  not true,  Label on the Starter bottle, Cat No 660 1090 for Prime SP LORR instructions say:

500ml of mixed replenisher (which is your SP LORR developer plus water) + 45ml of starter + 455ml of water to make 1.0Litre.

25ml starter and 700ml replenisher is for  RA. It all depends on what developer you are using..........

You should be able to see straight off on your Process Control Strip and the Y-55 graph plots where too little starter is impacting on the working solution and print quality. But basically not enough starter will show up  in your D-min and HD-LD values I think. Maybe your yellow colour balance issue is here as it affects all dye levels depending on the concentration.

You can always top it up, but too much has an inverse effect, then you might have to dump half the tank to recover. The tank will  eventually season if you come close to the recommended measures.

You might visit the Kodak  site  which Dave S above provided for the  link to the Z-Manuals. Here, there is a wealth of information on Kodak chemistry, products and  process control monitoring. Probably the only place left where all this info is still on-line.

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