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2901 crossover racks


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Just to confirm:

Cross Over Rack (Frame) Part No. D003889-00 fits QSS29 thru to QSS31 and 32. It was then superseded by D006709-00 for the QSS37 models. They are the same, interchangeable for 12" processor, whereas the QSS30xx are 8".

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Big Dave:

I  didn't do a cross reference on the rollers, but  many part numbers for these items have morphed over the past 10 years. Same crossover frame, same chemistry.

As for the rollers, the constituent materials and profile may have changed or improved so you can use the latest type in your machine, same goes for  the rack side rollers etc.

We have  an account with Fuji to purchase parts, mainly rollers for our QSS37 series, the same as the their F7700 (well almost, as there are physical differences in the processor racks types), and buy some rollers at a lower list price than  Noritsu can supply locally.......don't know how that works out.

The Fuji F7700 uses the OEM Noritsu Parts Manual.

There's only a few dollars saved on each item, but when you buy 20 or 30 rollers at  a discount of $5:00 each, then it all adds up. Pays for shipping! Price schedule may be different in your country?

If you want to compare the processor (only) parts and  numbers  for QSS31,  32 & 37, I could upload the Parts Lists to my SKYDRIVE.

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Big Dave.


I've uploaded those Paper Processor parts lists for you to compare. QSS 29~37 Processor are here on my SKYDRIVE, just navigate to this folder and download what you like..........


Most parts  are not compatible the  QSS 27xx/MP-1600 models as they employed the old legacy components from the QSS 23xx and  predecessors.

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