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Daily Totals


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We had a guy in our town who had a bread business. What he had his staff do is ring the cash register off after an hour or so each Saturday and start again.

So if you reset your daily figure after 500 prints you will get 2500 instead of 3000.

The guy in my town went to jail for a while so this is not a recomendation!

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:) they have TVs  in jail :P

OK, If the guy is good in computers it sure can alter the daily total as it is kept somewere in a file or database. So, with the right editor you can alter ABSOLUTELY everything.

You could check in control panel, list of programs that have been added recently, presuming he needs a special editor to do that, or if it is easier you won't find anything.

Theoreticaly some Noritsu technician should know exactly the file to be modified but I suggest to find it out searching in all files the text "3000" or whatever total you have in some day. You might be lucky. Or not, if it is recorded hexadecimal or else.

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