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3202 Backprint coming through?


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Hello all... In my neverending quest to get this printer fully operational  - I have encountered 2 new problems I am hoping for advice on... The 1st - on some of my 4" prints - some of the printing from the back printer is coming through to the front.. What may be causing this? I can turn it off - but it doesno't happen all of the time...and seemingly only on 4"  I am using Crystal Archive II fuji puster paper...

The second problem - is on 12" I am getting a "crinkle or crease" in the upper left hand corner when it comes out of the processor... Is it hitting something in the processor? could it be the magazine? any thoughts would be greatly appreciated... thanks again to all for your help!!!

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For the bent corners, check the squeegee rollers in your developer and bleach racks. If they get swollen or grooved, they can become a pinch point and fold the paper. Another tip...if the image is fully exposed, chances are it's happening in the processor. If the paper is blank under the fold, it could be  happening pre-exposure.

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Regarding the backprint being evident on the image emulsion side. We have recently had similar problems with a  few of our machines where previously this was not an issue. Basically it got down to the ribbons which were suppplied (el-cheapo)  had an inferior ink. By saying this I mean the ink was runny and didn't cure into the paper  suface before entering the processor even if we backed off the ribbon pressure until it was very faint.

The net result was the first few  rollers, primarily including the felt inlet guide rollers were  impregnated with a layer of ink as the paper passed through the rollers, thus leaving a latent image on the surface of the prints as they passed through. Tried another batch of ink cartridges and it solved the problem although the rollers remained stained for some time.

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