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noritsu 3501 sm to ra


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I am a professional photographer using Noritsu 3501 mini-lab. I am facing a problem with the machine: I have converted the system from SM to RA but without changing the tanks. The actual tanks are shorter and the machine displays the error 5535("paper jam in processor"). In the machine specification i have selected the option "Prima sp". I have tried other option as well but the light in the desktop shows later than the photo. I was suggested to choose the "cnk-28" option but it is not available. Can you suggest any solution to my problem?

Thank you in advance

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Question for you........I'm curious.

OK, you've converted the SM processor to RA, so how did you overcome to comparisons in dev times, i.e SM @25 seconds and RA @ 44 seconds.

I'm of the thinking that QSS-xx software was different for the RA and SM versions. What chemistry are you using, Kodak, CPAC or something else with a compatible short processing cycle.

If you have selected Prime SP then maybe there is a timing differential between when the machine expects to see paper at the drier, to where it actually is and that of the original specification......dunno, just a thought.

Back to the forum.

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exactly, and I want to solve,,  because the tank are shorter,,  

can select the process specification in menu.. for chimistry,, and the software automaticaly change the process in system.. i am seeing for update software for another chimistry option,, I've tried all option ra chimistry in machine specifications and have not found time,,    have any idea for solve dhis problem...

" photocorp" if have any qyestions i can halp.. from experience

thnx in advance..

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Obviously all RA-4 process specs will have the wrong time as the racks are longer!

Can you not set it on the RA-2 Spec increase the CD temp and fool the rep sensors?

I understand the Kodak LORR RA-4 chemistry is the same stuff that is inside the SM boxes.

The other possible option is to use an RA-4 spec setting and slow the drive down to get the correct time, you may be able to change the drive motor revolution count settings.

Enter the service mode, menu, extension, processor setting, processor standard setting, drive motor revolution count setting.

This machine does not use different sized gears for the drive, the drive speed is electronically adjusted for the different frequencies.

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thnx "Dave S".. the drive motor revolution count only can automatic adjustment.. and the value are standart (214 and 197.4np) can't change manualy..,,

For set it in on the Ra-2. I don't have sensor for fool the rep sensor..

Is imposible this.. i tray and can't set the fool the rep sensor..

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Oh I wasn't sure if you could change the standard figure or not.

I think the rotation sensor is built into the drive motor, maybe you can remove the drive belt (which in theory will make the motor run faster) then do the drive motor revolution count automatic adjustment, which will slow it back down, then when you connect the drive belt again hopefully the drive will be running slower. I don't know if this will work but maybe worth a try.

Otherwise you will have to change the motor pulley and drive pulley sizes to get the correct drive speed.

I personally think setting it to RA-2 and using rep pumps with the rotation sensors on, and fooling the other sensors is the only way to go.

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was another chemistry ps lower 2,, but it was 30 second fast speed... can i modified the stb tank for this time.. i don't now  how come picture.. will are excellent..

I think that if you increase the temperature there will be no problems,, or tanks must apostatize,,

but we soon come out with pictures and do not want to apostatize

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Racks are not the same size on both, circulation is also different as well as speed.  Basically you cannot convert from SM to RA, there is no kit or procedure available from Noritsu.   The only thing available is from Fuji, but I do not believe they are offering a SM to I believe it is called FA conversion kit anymore.

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I have 2  Noritsu 3501SM minilabs with fuji FA2 Convertion Kit. I use them with Kodak RA4 chemistry and it is working good, In the minilabs settings Process is SM2, and dev temp 41°C. in some papers we can't have a good black calibration but in others everything works very good. If you can use FA2 chemistry you can have very good results.

Best Regards.

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