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Noritsu D701 Setup with no dongles


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My office bought a D701 and asked me to set it up. I cannot figure out how to get this thing to print a picture. There were some cds, EZController and EZLab, which need dongles that I do not have, and I also have a System disk, Initial data disk, and a Profile data disk. I loaded the last 3 softwares onto the Printer PC (I guess it is called the RIP PC) and can communicate through the maintenance button. I installed Darkroom Pro 8.9, which is supposed to support D701 (NPS driver, I think) but cannot get it to print. Anyone know what software I need on which PC to be able to print anything outside of the maintenance program? I am hoping not to have to buy the dongled software. I should be able to print from the Printer PC without any specialized software, I would think, but I am a novice in the drylab arena.Thanks.

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Dongle would be the easies way as it's needed for the ezcontroller.

we have the 703 at our lab and it works with the ezcontroller and it prints like a charm. If you bought this machine new, the dongle should come with for the software.

If i remember correctly from the last install, you have loaded up the RIP pc correctly (stand alone pc with cables to the printer only, does not need screen or keybard at all), then on a second pc you load in ezcontroller.

If you need manuals on this please let me know.

i also tried to use it with digital darkroom but without sucess on getting to print either to the ezcontroller nor the rip pc itself.

If you get any further please let me know :) it's interesting :D

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to get the very best print and to clear error messages you need ezcontroller, if you have all of that software the person that sold it to you should have given you the dongles.   You can use EZLab or Express digital both use dongles, most versatile for least money is EZController.  Most likely where it came from still has dongles left on computer, contact them, software is free dongles are not you have to buy whole software package again.

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