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Dear members I have problem with Noritsu 3001 film scanner.

I bought this machine recently as refurbished, and after all installations has been done, the first digital prints came out good.

The problem started when I tried to make the light source registration. Here I ended getting these errors:

1. Error-CCD check error film scanner

2. 6820-4480 Imaging Processing PCB operation error

3. 6310-0072 Scanner area registration error

4. 6086-0001 Setup print error

After I failed to do the light source setup, I decided to try putting a negative roll of film in a scanner for scanning and after  almost 15 minute, it came out without scanning and I had these error messages instead:

1. 6902-2031 LVDS communication error

    Image processing PCB

2. 6820-4867 Image processing PCB operation error.

Up to this day I can not scan any film. I don't know yet what to do yet with my new refurbished machine!

Can any one help me what is the problem?

Any assistance will be much appreciated guys.

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Check the scanner lamp is working.

Check the LVDS cable for the scanner is connected properly to the D-ice PCB and there is no damage along the length of the LVDS cable.

Check for poor connections of the RAM on the image processing PCB.

Check the D-ice PCB is seated properly onto the image processing PCB.

The other cause is the D-ice PCB itself is faulty.

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