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I'm trying to compensate for overspill. You see I need to be able to print very precise lines on my prints. I'm curious if the magnification in the print channels overrides the exposure magnification or if this just interpolates the data twice. I want to use the full 640ppi of my machine by sending a 640ppi image and have the exact pixels printed on the paper to match the digital file without any interpolation.

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Have a look a this first  to see if this is what you're looking for and determine which setting may best suit your needs.

Don't need to tool around with image magnification in the print channel settings. You should be able to import and print  a file pixel to pixel (give or take a couple) with these available options.

There is a small degree of  intended overspill , but  you can offset this by increasing the canvas size of your files by a few pixels and then run off some test prints to see where you stand regarding image centering etc.  and actual image size. Increasing canvas size should "shrink" the image by the corresponding value in pixel data to the point where you will notice a very small white border around the prints just become visible.

Experiment......good luck.

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You will probaby end up using Short  (or Long ) Side  Feed as this  ignores the paper advance settings you have for the  relevant print chanel.

So for a 10" x 18"  print at 640dpi   your file should be  6400 x  11520 and Long Side Feed. On our QSS 31-Pro this is how we have setup the print channels for schools package prints, fixed width with paper advance determined by the pixel count. In this manner you can process a job requiring various different advance lengths on the same paper magazine without having to separate the sizes and change prints channels for each sub group.

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I've always wondered about the "short side" / "long side" feed option.

I have 6" paper loaded and want to get the entire digital camera image to print from 3:2 or 4:3 ratio cameras.

Should I choose "short side" feed ??

I would like to get 4" x 6" prints from 3:2 ratio images and 4" x 5.33" prints from 4:3 ratio images, but without knowing the ratio of the source images.

Is this possible ?

Or would I just end up with 4" x 6" and 4.5" x 6" prints if Short Side Feed was selected ?

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Big Dave.

Sorry mate, I can't give you an affirmative on what you enquire, nor confidently predict the outcomes of what you would like to achieve as I have never formatted a print chanel with this in mind. Suppose one could do just that, waste a bit of paper to note the results.

From memory, if not a dedicated digital channel, we  set up one of the  C-H-P options for the desired advance value, and manually toggled the size in PJP mode on the fly, where say "H" was set to 5.33 (136.0mm).

Attached image is from an old Excel  file (circa. 2001)  of Digital Print Sizes for various paper widths 4" up to 12", in both 4:3 and 3:4 depending on what magazines you have.  Couldn't find the original doc.

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