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orange on emulsion paper


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The setup data for the 4 inch paper is most likely corrupted.

Try loading in your backup data (made from a time before this problem started happening).

If this does not work or you don't have any backup, try this.

Go to the paper specification/ registration setup and set the 102 paper to 0 then back to 1, then carry out the 4 inch paper setup by pressing the paper specification/ registration setup button.

If the 4 inch paper is your main setup paper you will need to do the initial setup again in service mode.

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Clean the rollers inside the magazine.

Check the correct guides have been fitted, they should have 279-305mm stamped on them.

Check the sprung guide is marked No.2 and not No.1 as this is for paper smaller than 305mm.

See attached

Check that the light lock door unit is operating properly it's at the mouth of the magazine and should open when the printer door is closed.

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hi dave i doubled check the settings on the mag they are correct i actually took my 6 inch mag and made it my 12 inch mag after having problems and both mags do the same thing with just the 12 inch paper

but however i dont no how to check that the light lock unit is working properly??

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